Live Life More Abundantly

Founder of Lopolopo


STEM education & career

I am passionate about technology and I enjoy working with organizations and people who want to grow the pipeline of engineering and science professionals. The benefits and luxuries of civilization, economic expansion and the rapid spread of knowledge throughout the world are the direct result of work by inventors, engineers and scientists. It is important to me that women and minorities increase their participation in this technology evolution revolution and the overall evolution of humanity. My philosophy- "Evolution requires education and enterprise".

design & engineering

I am an engineering professional with over 30 years experience in various industries; aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and consumer products. I was educated at Cornell University and received a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. After practicing in systems engineering for several years, I obtained a Master's in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. I believe engineers design and build solutions with whatever is available- common sense or complex materials. I endeavor to solve problems for organizations and people who are looking for innovative ideas, are ready to invest and take action. My philosophy - "Enterprise requires enlightenment, engineering and focus".

coaching & investing

I am excited about the learning, development and growth of young people, my community, the underrepresented and disadvantaged. Our bodies, mind and spirits need to be nurtured and fed. As a mother of four, I am invested in the survival and success of the next generation. With experience as a consultant, business owner,and real estate investor, I encourage my connections to explore new revenue streams, new goals, new ways to view their circumstances; to become empowered. My philosophy - "Empowerment entails exploration. Exploration of the inner life is enlightenment; exploration of the outer life is education".