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Save Money with Digital Subscriptions

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I read all of my newspapers online and most of my books and magazines are digital editions. Occasionally I will succumb to the temptation of buying one or two beautiful magazines at the checkout magazine rack in the supermarket or airport. 

I've always been a reader and a library card holder since my early childhood. Libraries have since added digital downloads of books, magazines and videos to their offerings. My library used to offer Zinio and then switched to Flipster for magazines. I also subscribe to the New York Times and Washington Post online access. Even our local newspapers offer online versions, its costs less than printing.

Using Print Screen on your smartphone or the Snipping Tool on a PC, one can save that favorite recipe, beauty tip or piece of financial advice with a few clicks on your device for easy access. Road trips and air travel are far more relaxing and cost conscious with your own library of reading material on a tablet, rather than buying magazines and books at the airport.

We can save money be eliminating subscriptions and reduce paper waste with these simple steps. Check out this article for more ways to access books, magazines and newspapers online.