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Reboot, renew and reconnect

Close up of hands charging mobile phone

Rebooting and recharging requires disconnecting from activities that drain us, and then plugging into higher energy sources for rejuvenation. On this list of draining, even damaging activities, is the time we spend online and watching screens.

As a parent and techno-file, I’m guilty of excessive screen time because I work on a computer screen most of the day and it’s currently a big part of my activities at home. I like to relax after work by watching television until I’m sleepy or binge-watching shows and movies on the weekend. However, there is a rule in our house to not use mobile devices or watch TV while eating meals together. Our family mealtimes are very engaging when they do happen and I value them. But if one is eating a meal solo, then viewing devices is typical. Most of us parents have cell phone, gaming or TV habits that impede on family time and other goals. We can use some help taming these obsessions, habits and addictions.

The American Medical Association has recently weighed in on the negative impacts of too much screen time on our children’s health besides the obvious poor vision- i.e. sleep deprivation, weight gain and heart problems to name a few. The AMA recommends screens not be present in bedrooms as a place to start. If you don’t believe them, then check in with Ariana Huffington- she started a Sleep Revolution. She recommends that we 1)- stop using electronic devices 30 minutes before bed. 2)- Do not charge electronics near your bed or better yet, not in our bedroom and 3)-if reading an e-reader in bed, use one that emits no blue light (alternatively use blue light glasses);

The AMA refers us to an online family media plan to help us create goals for how we want to spend our time. In our Product Blog, we explore the a hardware device called, Circle by Disney which automatically manages access to your WiFi and cellular internet data networks with smart programming and phone apps.

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