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Fashion Meets Technology


“Fashion Tech as a space of products that orchestrate the way in which human beings express themselves to the world. With this definition in mind I believe Fashion Tech products adhere to two tenants:

  1. They are highly ‘me-focused’ and customizable.

  2. They democratize the definition of fashionable by adding a heavy layer of personalization to the space." - Tamara Austin, Founder of OpenStile

We are so excited to attend our first Fashion Week in NYC this year! The opportunity to experience and engage in the latest and most innovative uses for technology in the fashion world is a dream. On this journey to Fashion Week, I met the New York Chapter Women of Wearables Ambassador, Amanda McIntyre-Chavis, branding strategist, technology and music entrepreneur and angel investor. With her, we’ve learned about fashiontech, femtech and fintech products, businesses and cutting edge technology. She has helped us to manifest the vision for Lopolopo and we get to meetup at one of her marketed events, Fashinnovation NYC. I can’t wait!

Inspired by Amanda, we are featuring a fashiontech inventor, innovator and entrepreneur, Maddy Maxey on our home page to honor Black History Month. She was on Forbes 30 under 30 list and her story is fascinating. Maddy’s company, Loomia is the stuff of science fiction, my favorite genre. They design and fabricate soft flexible circuitry that can heat, light, sense and track data, while seamlessly integrating into soft goods like textiles and clothing.

Even more exciting, the Loomia Tile enables financial empowerment by using blockchain technology and tokenization to control, share and sell your own personal data, with no middle man (i.e. banks). Such topics we plan to explore and explain in more detail to our followers. We would love to hear what questions you might have!

Fashion and technology - more to come!

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