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Streaming Cable TV content for the Novice

woman by pool with laptop-1.png

It’s July, it’s hot and I’m at the pool! But I want to see Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movies! My cable TV box (STB) is inside and I’m outside- what do I do?? Well streaming the Hallmark channel on my laptop, iPad or smartphone is pretty easy.

For smart devices, every cable TV network has an app. In order to view live or even recorded videos on your device or laptop, a subscription to a cable TV provider is required and an online account with them; i.e. you don’t need separate logons required for each TV network app. Many of us don’t use all of the benefits that come with a cable TV subscription- which include online bill payment and repair requests. You can share your online account with family members (sometimes up to 5 members) or watch your favorite channels on the go.

So get outside, enjoy the hotness and watch your favorite shows at the same time! Next time we’ll cover how to stream from you phone or tablet to your TV or you can check out our Product Blog about the AppleTV.